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Back from Euruko 2009


Euruko – the European Ruby conference – was in Barcelona this year. It was a blend of enthusiastic community and interesting talks, in two intense days, facilitated by wonderful organization.

Besides language/programming-oriented talks, there was an abundance of presentations about what you can do with ruby in various fields: games programming, image processing, system configuration automation, voip, mobile apps, music.

The lightning talks sessions were very popular – the 5 minutes format (and the terrifying gong sound) was ‘fast & furious’ – and the information overload was appreciated.

IMG_5048foto by Emili Parreño

I had a lightning talk about vimmish – presented what it can do and what I am working on now: generating random vim command strings, based on the grammar.

When I got to the part about parsing the vimmish grammar itself using treetop’s meta-grammar half of the audience was giving me facial hints that I did not explain that well enough (well, I had 5 minutes for all the talk.. :) ). But everyone understood what I meant when I got to the examples – randomly generated metal band names and manager speeches from the crazy italian site polygen.

Some people told me it was the geekiest lightning talk of the first day – not sure whether it was the topic, the fact that I delivered the presentation as a sequence tabs in firefox (don’t ever do that, you’ll mess the ctrl-tab under the merciless spotlights. twice.) or the polygen examples, or their effect combined :).

Next year, Euruko will be in Kraków, Poland – there were more than 20 polish developers this year and they were very enthusiastic about the conference. So, see everybody again next year, in Poland!